Vintage-Inspired Fashion by Milwaukee Designer Miranda Levy

14 May

Hey ya’ll!  I know it’s been a while, but…  Check out the lovely vintage-inspired photos I did for Miranda Levy Fashion Design!


Milwaukee’s Antique Mafia

19 Jan

Antique Center - Walker's Point

If you’ve never been to Milwaukee, what are you waiting for?  We’ve got the best vintage & antique selection in the Midwest!  I promise.  Check out my article for ThirdCoast Digest to learn more, or click on the image above.



Guide for dating vintage clothing and why Milwaukee is the best place to find it.

17 Nov

So, I compiled a quick-reference list of how to identify vintage clothes if you’re ever in doubt.  Although there are exceptions to every rule, if you are hesitant about buying vintage or have trouble figuring out which decade it’s from, don’t fret!  There’s hope.  Read my full article for ThirdCoast Digest or click on the image above to find out why I think Milwaukee is the best city to hunt for old clothes.

Platform For A Bigger Idea: Ra’mon-Lawrence Coleman on RunUp 2012

10 Oct

I had the opportunity to interview PR designer Ra’mon-Lawrence Coleman in Milwaukee last week before the annual RunUp fundraiser at the Pritzlaff Building.  He was extremely well-spoken, humble, and had some incredible ideas; it was a shame I had to cut out some of his answers.  Bah, journalism!  Click on the image above to view the article for ThirdCoast Digest.



A Conscious Cheapskate’s Buyer’s Guide

18 Aug


I am a cheapskate. So naturally, I went into the business of selling vintage clothes. Why? Because they’re made well and I’m happy to give them a new life. People who think it’s gross to wear 60-year-old garments or used clothes in general are delusional, ravenous killers. But it’s not entirely their fault.

Read the rest here…



Fresh new name!

18 Aug

Hi guys.

Sorry I’ve been so neglectful.  BUT.  A-Hem has a new name: Rue Verte!  It means ‘green street’ in French and kind of sounds like ‘revert,’ so I deemed it appropriate for a vintage shop.  And you know, vintage is all recycle-y and green.

I guess it’s also the original title of a movie about football hooliganism with little Elijah Wood looking very serious.  Whatever football hooliganism is.

New Twitter: @rue_verte


Also, new stuff next week!

Stay tuned…


Worn To Be Wild Exhibit@ Harley-Davidson Museum / Milwaukee

17 Jun

Click on the image to see the rest of the set on Flickr.

If this show were in NYC there would be a line out the door at the Met.  The Harley-Davidson Museum collaborated with EMP in Seattle to compile this unique show.  If you live near Milwaukee you should go. Alongside famous pieces worn by MJ, T2, Fergie, Elvis, Hugh Laurie, The Damned, Glenn Tipton, etc. it compiles a comprehensive history of the last century’s integration of leather into mainstream wear with contemporary couture designs by Jean Paul Gaultier, Dsquared2, and Junya Watanabe.

The 80s-90s punk jacket room is amazing. This jacket has macaroni on it. The HD Museum let me take some photos.


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